Our team is thrilled to announce our new program!

The next Tete-a-Tech session is coming up in September. Stay tuned!

The world has seen an unprecedented shift in information access and delivery.

A wide range of new communication tools is deeply ingrained in our personal and professional lives.

However, nothing has yet replaced the power of a conversation.

That’s the motivation propelling BayBrazil’s Tête-a-Tech: to connect individuals in unique & meaningful conversations.

We will leverage technology to facilitate a series of dialogues between leaders in Silicon Valley & Brazil.

The meetings will happen live, via web, offering tech communities in various Brazilian cities unique opportunities to gain insights on cutting-edge technologies & discuss business models with seasoned professionals with both entrepreneurial and corporate experience who work in Silicon Valley, live and breathe its innovation ecosystem.

Initially, Tête-a-Tech will feature conversations in Portuguese with a guest speaker in Silicon Valley & BayBrazil partners and their guests in Brazil.

In a second phase, the series will also feature conversations in English, expanding the scope to BayBrazil’s entire network.

TÊTE-A-TECH | The Digital Bridge Between Silicon Valley & Brazil

With this new initiative, we hope to:

➔   Promote knowledge sharing among tech communities in Brazil & Silicon Valley

➔   Facilitate interaction, in real time, among major tech players in both regions

➔   Serve as a unique information channel for companies focused on digital transformation

➔   Inspire young Brazilians to pursue science and technology

Our program will have a total time of 90 min broadcast live through the internet with full access free of charge.

The next edition of Tête-a-Tech is coming up on Thu, February 27, 10:30am PST.

We’ll interview Vicente Silveira, Data Science, Engineering leader & BayBrazil Chairman of the Board.

Our partner Cubo & guests will join the interview, live from São Paulo.

Vicente will discuss AI & the Future of work.

  • How is AI changing how companies do business?
  • What will be the jobs of the future?
  • Which strategies do businesses need to consider to move forward and transform its workforce?

Thanks to those who participated in our Tête-a-Tech with Vicente!

The conversation is available here. Check it out.

The Dec 4th opening we had a very special guest.

Mike Krieger is a Brazilian entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Instagram.
Mike talked about his journey as an entrepreneur, his vision on tech innovation and answered questions from BayBrazil partners in Sao Paulo & Belo Horizonte.

Thanks to those who participated in our Tête-a-Tech with Mike Krieger!

The conversation is available in our channel, in two parts. Check it out.

Part 1:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUdSd6TF7a4

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQSoXL70xfk

Special thanks to our partners SEB, Escola Concept and BH Tec for their support & participation!

Suggestions and questions: contact@baybrazil.org