Let’s keep the dialogue going!

We are in contact with tech leaders in Brazil & Silicon Valley and scheduling a series of chats on how the coronavirus crisis is affecting business & life as we know it.

On Friday, April 3rd, join us at 3pm PDT for a conversation with Gustavo Moura, Director of Engineering at Snap.

He will talk about Snap’s access growth of the past few weeks, the company’s initiatives to raise awareness on COVID-19 prevention and the reasons why Snap was ranked the most innovative company of 2020.

Please fill this form by THU to confirm your participation.

On Friday morning you will receive an email with instructions to join.

TÊTE-A-TECH | The Digital Bridge Between Silicon Valley & Brazil

The world has seen an unprecedented shift in information access and delivery.

A wide range of new communication tools is deeply ingrained in our personal and professional lives.

However, nothing has yet replaced the power of a conversation.

That’s the motivation propelling BayBrazil’s Tête-a-Tech: to connect individuals in unique & meaningful conversations.

We will leverage technology to facilitate a series of dialogues between leaders in Silicon Valley & Brazil.

The meetings will happen live, via web, offering tech communities in various Brazilian cities unique opportunities to gain insights on cutting-edge technologies & discuss business models with seasoned professionals with both entrepreneurial and corporate experience who work in Silicon Valley, live and breathe its innovation ecosystem.

Initially, Tête-a-Tech will feature conversations in Portuguese with a guest speaker in Silicon Valley & BayBrazil partners and their guests in Brazil.

In a second phase, the series will also feature conversations in English, expanding the scope to BayBrazil’s entire network.

With this new initiative, we hope to:

➔   Promote knowledge sharing among tech communities in Brazil & Silicon Valley

➔   Facilitate interaction, in real time, among major tech players in both regions

➔   Serve as a unique information channel for companies focused on digital transformation

➔   Inspire young Brazilians to pursue science and technology

Our program will have a total time of 90 min broadcast live through the internet with full access free of charge.

Past Tête-a-Tech sessions

The conversation with Ambassador Nestor Forster is available at our Youtube Channel

Key topics discussed:

  • Impact of COVID-19 on Brazil’s economy, trade and society
  • Severity of pandemic in Brazil and lessons learned from China and Italy to curtail the spread of the disease
  • Brazilian government financial incentives in place to help small businesses

The conversation with Fred Aslan is available at our Youtube Page

Key topics discussed:

  • The biotechnology industry
  • Operating a startup during difficult times
  • How the global pandemic could change the way countries invest in health care

We’ll interview Vicente Silveira, Data Science, Engineering leader & BayBrazil Chairman of the Board.

Our partner Cubo & guests will join the interview, live from São Paulo.

Vicente will discuss AI & the Future of work.

  • How is AI changing how companies do business?
  • What will be the jobs of the future?
  • Which strategies do businesses need to consider to move forward and transform its workforce?

Thanks to those who participated in our Tête-a-Tech with Vicente!

The conversation is available here. Check it out.

The Dec 4th opening we had a very special guest.

Mike Krieger is a Brazilian entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Instagram.
Mike talked about his journey as an entrepreneur, his vision on tech innovation and answered questions from BayBrazil partners in Sao Paulo & Belo Horizonte.

Thanks to those who participated in our Tête-a-Tech with Mike Krieger!

The conversation is available in our channel, in two parts. Check it out.

Part 1:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUdSd6TF7a4

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQSoXL70xfk

Special thanks to our partners SEB, Escola Concept and BH Tec for their support & participation!

Suggestions and questions: contact@baybrazil.org