From day one, our mission has been to serve as a bridge between Silicon Valley & Brazil.

Through both private and public, small and large programs, we’ve doing just that since 2010.

By creating the space for in-depth dialogues, we’ve been:

  • fostering exclusive interaction and knowledge exchange among tech leaders &
  • connecting – one conversation at a time – the tech hubs of Silicon Valley & Brazil

In a recent survey, many in our tech hub expressed the interest for yet more meetings.

So, here is your opportunity to engage more closely with one another while enabling BayBrazil to expand its programs.

BayBrazil Fellowship

  • Meet peers and innovators who are transforming their industries
  • Join meaningful face-to-face conversations on cutting-edge technologies and business trends
  • Participate in our WhatsApp community to discuss tech innovation and common interests
  • Mentor. Inspire. Advance your leadership skills.
  • Engage with our tech hub and make a positive impact on the Brazilian-American innovation ecosystem

Investment: $975 per year.

Requirement: Individuals who are actively working in the technology industry