According to the 2019 UN Human Development Index (HDI) Brazil ranks in the 79th position out of 189 countries, lagging behind three Latin American countries: Chile, which holds the 42nd position, followed by Argentina and Uruguay, ranked 48th and 57th respectively.

A number of NGOs and advocacy groups have been working to promote human development in Brazil however, the tech community of Silicon Valley remains to be engaged in these programs.

BayBrazil team believes that the tech diaspora has a critical role to play in unlocking economic growth and social justice across Brazil.

Therefore, BayBrazil will mobilize the Brazilian-American tech community to mentor, counsel, invest and work with social enterprises to help reduce inequalities in three sectors:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Diversity

BayBrazil Social Impact initiative will gather both private organizations and individuals (a prominent group entrepreneurs, investors, tech executives) to identify, select, and mentor three enterprises focused on providing innovative tools and solutions to address inequalities in the above areas.

Selected startups executive teams will be connected with mentors, potential investors committed to advance access to education, healthcare and diversity & inclusion.


January 27th »

Program announcement & Call to Enterprises – startups of all stages may apply

February 27th »

Startups application deadline

March 1st – 19th »

Startups evaluation by judges

March 25th »

Announcement of selected startups (virtual ceremony)

April – May 2021 »

Connection and work with mentors and investors facilitated by BayBrazil


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We are happy to work with supporters interested in fostering social-economic inclusion while positively impacting communities across Brazil.

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