2021 batch

Helping startups to expand their impact – one conversation at a time

Since March of 2021, the founders and teams of our selected startups have been participating
in catered mentorship 1.1 with engineers, product developers, user-experience experts.

Moreover, BayBrazil designed an agenda of inspirational dialogues & workshops featuring tech leaders, entrepreneurs, investors of Silicon Valley & Brazil.

April 26: Conversation with Florian Hagenbuch, Founder of Loft

May 12 Workshop: How to prepare for fundraising

Speaker: Laura Constantini, Partner and Co-Founder, Astella Investimentos

May 26 Workshop: Fundraising strategies & Product development

Speakers: BayBrazil board members Anderson Thees, Managing Partner, Redpoint eventures & Vicente Silveira, Product at WhatsApp

May 27 Workshop: Sales and Go-to-market

Speaker: Harald Batista, Partner, Illunina Tech & BayBrazil Board Member

June 10 Workshop: Scalability, Business model, Fundraising
Speakers: Rafael Costa, Partner, Vulcan Capital & Joe de Pinho, Principal at Riverwood Capital

June 16: Conversation with Daniel Ibri, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Mindset Ventures

June 23 Workshop: Fundraising and Impact expansion

Speakers: Sergio Monsalve, Founding Partner, Roble Ventures, & Daniel Izzo, CEO, Vox Capital

July 7 Meeting with AWS LatAm team: Bringing startups & corporations together is key for impact expansion. In this meeting our founders learned about AWS programs that help startups grow and accelerate innovation through technical and financial support.

July 28 Conversation with Marcos Pereira, Partner and Head of Latin America at Lightrock

August 18 workshop on Leadership

Speakers: Rachel Maia, Chairman of UNICEF Council Brazil, adviser for Vale, CVC; former Executive Dir. at Lacoste in Brazil

                  Brian Requarth, co-founder of Latitud; co-founder and former CEO of Viva Real; author “Viva the Entrepreneur”

August 31: conversation with Enrico Carbone, General Partner at Reaction, investment firm focused on innovations that change the world

Selected startups in March of 2021:

Clubinho Preto


Antiracism education for kids and teens.
Founder: Talita Peixoto
Contact: contato@clubinhopreto.com.br


Education benefit platform with a broad range of courses. Clients include Cielo and Loggi
Founders: Alexandre Wawruk and Natascha Giora
Contact: contato@edupass.io


Transforms taxes into social innovation and technology.
Founder & CEO: Douglas Nicolau
Contact: contato@incentiv.me

Plataforma Impact

Plataforma Impact prepares youth in low-income communities for a career in IT. By combining
proven online curriculums, collaborative project-based learning, guidance from mentors with
industry experience, and connections to employment opportunities, Plataforma Impact serves
the needs of the market while generating economic mobility for those hungry for opportunity.
Milestones: Plataforma Impact currently has 60+ students in Latin America's largest favela
community learning computer programming for web and software development (with plans for
20 students in the job market by the end of 2021). They have also created an international
network of advisors from Brazil to New York to Silicon Valley to guide and support the
organization and its students.
Founder & CEO: Gary Carrier
Contact: gary@plataformaimpact.org