BayBrazil's Past Events

BayBrazil is the tech hub for business communities in Brazil & Silicon Valley. Engage and get connected!

BayBrazil's Past Events

Sep 12: BayBrazil annual conference Brazil in the 21st Century, at Stanford University

Meet the BayBrazilians

Our community is formed by professionals from Brazil who work abroad & professionals from all over the world connected to Brazil. Here they are!

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Sep 12: Brazil in the 21st Century

BayBrazil & Stanford Rock Center for Corporate Governance present:
Brazil in the 21st Century

Sep 10: An evening with Brazilian startups

BayBrazil, Initial Capital, Redpoint & Zendesk present: an evening with Brazilian startups

Date: S…

BayBrazil members in the World Cup

Quite a few BayBrazil members are currently traveling to watch the World Cup in soccer land. Our Board Member Andy Ts…