“I was really impressed by the relevance of the panels presented, the quality of the speakers and especially the networking and connections that enabled my business to find highly experienced advisors, partners, and investors.”

Ricardo Wendell, Founder & CEO, DIVI-hub

“Fantastic connections and awe-inspiring content make BayBrazil conference one of the most spectacular networking events I’ve ever attended. Kudos to Margarise and team!”

Rodolfo Zhouri, Cubo.network Innovation, Corporate Venture

“The potential of the Brazilian market is huge, but we are still learning how to scale business here. So listening to suggestions and receiving insights from an already developed ecosystem was very productive. I believe the most interesting thing was to know how this process took place and how companies out there have stimulated innovation. I came home with lots of ideas and inspired by the high-level debates about business, science, and technology.”

Martha de Sá, Founding Partner, VERT Capital

“BayBrazil meetings are essential to leverage our hubs in Brazil and in Silicon Valley. Moreover, the quality of events content and the exchange of ideas have direct impact in our day-to-day and help us to be better leaders, accelerate our companies and improve our ecosystem.”

Flavio Pripas, Corporate Venture Officer, Redpoint eventures