Exclusive Events

Through events and special programs, BayBrazil has been providing critical information to help business leaders in Silicon Valley & Brazil to get up-to-date on their industry sector, exchange ideas with their peers and establish meaningful connections. We’ve been facilitating unique dialogues, new opportunities and partnerships among over eight thousand entrepreneurs, investors, academics, business leaders and government representatives connected by our tech hub.


For the past 6 years BayBrazil has played a leading role in building the Brazilian-American tech hub in Silicon Valley.

Through exclusive programs, events & conversations we’ve been facilitating new opportunities, partnerships, connections among over 8 thousand people.

BayBrazil has been also mapping the Brazilian diaspora in Silicon Valley and encouraging these professionals to interact among themselves as well as with Brazilian entrepreneurs looking for guidance and connections to expand their companies

Hosting International Delegations

As the nonprofit organization bridging Silicon Valley’s & Brazil’s entrepreneurial community, BayBrazil has been hosting a number of business delegations from various regions and industry sectors.

  • “It was best benchmarking I ever made.

    I’d had tried to organize by myself – without success – a business trip focused on design leadership.

    With BayBrazil’s help, we had accomplished our mission.”

    Alexander Guazzelli
    Superintendente de Design, Itaú Unibanco
  • “Silicon Valley is much more than one place. It is a mindset. And BayBrazil was the “glue” that fixed our “fragmented minds” to understand the way the Bay Area plays a global game leading changes in the world for better.”

    Danilo Leao
    Co-founder and CEO of BovControl
  • “As a healthcare innovation leader in Brazil, I’ve talked to leaders from various regions around the world. No conversation has been more impactful to me as the one facilitated by BayBrazil during my trip to Silicon Valley in 2014. I look forward to continuing working with Margarise Correa and BayBrazil team and creating bridges in health tech across regions.”

    Fernando Cembranelli
    CEO Health Innova HUB/Berrini Ventures
  • “BayBrazil has served a critical role in connecting Brazil with the Bay Area.  It has created a unique network of professionals and series of events over the last several years.  Due to unending passion and effort, the impact of the organization to the community at large has grown every year.”

    Antoine Colaco
    Partner at Valor Capital Group
  • “I’m proud to be a BayBrazil member since 2012. I own so much to this organization, which is essential to the Brazilian community in Silicon Valley. Highly Inspirational events both because of the quality of information and the networking. It was through BayBrazil that I developed many of my Silicon Valley connections and had the opportunity to meet incredible talented tech professionals, mentors, friends. As a result many new doors were opened to me.”

    Dayse Black
    Market Manager Brazil, Prezi
  • “A good number of Brazilians who work, study or invest in the fast paced, tech intensive Silicon Valley constantly identify windows for business and improvement with Brazil. BayBrazil provides a well thought networking structure to connect individuals and catalyze these opportunities”

    Robson Capasso
    MD, Stanford University School of Medicine
  • “Through BayBrazil, I’ve met great people from many different areas, legal, finance, operation, investment, and founders who have gone through the journey of building and running Brazilian companies. Margarise and her crew have gone out of their way to help me to connect to people that I didn’t have access to. I would recommend BayBrazil to anyone who wants to expand to Brazil.”

    Purui Wang
    CTO, WeCash
  • “BayBrazil has had a remarkable impact on our company trajectory. Establishing for the first time a startup in Silicon Valley coming from Brazil is not an easy task but BayBrazil team helped accelerate the whole process. From a thriving and colaborative community of entrepreneurs, investors and top executives to outstanding events with amazing speakers and excellent networking, BayBrazil has been by far the most engaged and noteworthy organization to bridge Brazil and Silicon Valley.”

    Gustavo Lemos
    Co-Founder & CEO, IDXP
  • “I would recommend Bay Brazil to anyone that is looking to broad their network or learn from the tech/startup world”.

    Pryscilla Ladeira
    Games Merchandising Manager, Google
  • “BayBrazil is a great ecosystem for companies with a connections to Brazil and the largest such organization in the US.”

    Matt Svetich
    Partner, Drummond Advisors, Founder, Drummond Ventures
  • “Silicon Valley is all about connecting – connecting technology, people, cultures. Connecting Brazil to Silicon Valley is fundamental – as a market, as a source of talent and creativity and as the leading indicator of what happens in Latin America. BayBrazil is that connection.”

    Avanish Sahai
    Senior VP of Alliance and Channels at insidesales.com & BayBrazil board member
  • “BayBrazil is ‘the’ organization in the Bay Area for connecting folks active in the innovation sectors between the US and Brazil. Over the past few years it has built a great network, and the content of the events it organizes is best in class.”


    Kristen Durham
    Director, Office of the CEO at Zendesk
  • “I’m continually impressed with the BayBrazil events and I feel very fortunate to have found such a wonderful organization.”


    Bryan Failing
    CEO, Cortex Law Group
  • “BayBrazil has done a superb support to introduce Six Semicondutores to the Silicon Valley community and to Stanford University, connecting us to a valuable network. BayBrazil represents an unique opportunity to connect Brazilian companies to the Bay Area and to make it a fruitful long term presence in the region.”

    Frederico Blumenschein
    Executive VP, Unitec Semiconductors
  • “BayBrazil was instrumental in preparing our agenda in Silicon Valley and connecting our company with stakeholders in the security sector. We’ve established relationships and potential partnerships with relevant players developing cutting edge technology.”

    Sidney Samitsu
    CIO, Kolss
  • “BayBrazil has been providing a very valuable service to the community: bringing talented people together, expanding boundaries, and creating opportunities.”

    Fred Aslan
    VP, Venrock & BayBrazil board
  • “BayBrazil hosts the best events and the most interesting crowds to discuss the natural synergies between Brazil and Silicon Valley.”


    Vicente Silveira
    Head of Fraud Data Science at Uber
  • “BayBrazil has a very important role connecting Brazilian tech companies to the silicon valley ecosystem. Having a bridge to connect Brazilian Entrepreneurs and the valley’s community is a great way to start developing relationships in Silicon Valley, and we at Movile thank BayBrazil for playing this role.”

    Fabricio Bloisi
    CEO & Founder, Movile
  • “BayBrazil is the true connection between Silicon Valley and Brazil.”


    Daniel Dalarossa
    Brazilian entrepreneur
  • “BayBrazil opens doors into one of the most compelling yet complex markets. Their connections and follow-through are top-notch”.


    Hannah Kain